Associazione Allevatori del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Centro Tori


Giacomo Catarin Responsible 3487532048
Giuseppe Stradaioli Responsible veterinarian - Professor of Pathophysiology of Animal Reproduction and Artificial Insemination at University of Udine
Tamara Noro Semen production lab technician +39 0432 672184
Sabrina Ellero Semen production lab technician +39 0432 672184

The Artificial Insemination Center of Bulls and Stallions of Moruzzo.

Production, sell and reproduction services of cattle and horses.
The Center of Moruzzo, as only Regional Center of Artificial Insemination for cattle and horses, is specialized in reproduction and in selling fresh and frozen semen reconised in accordance with Italian and European regulations.


The Center is rapresented by the exclusive, on national scale, production and sell of seminal material of Bulls by the breeding Simmental/Pezzata Rossa Italiana, so to be reconised as a reference for the valorization and  development of genetic of Simmental/Pezzata Rossa Italiana bulls.

We propose a huge and different offer of crossbreeding sires for meat, like Belgian Blue and Limousine


Another value of this Breeding Center involve it in a national project of biodiversity preservation and enhancing of cattle and horses breeding, aimed to save the genetic material for the breeding endangered, by developing the specificity.


The Center is also authorised to export seminal material abroad, that show an increase demand to te breeding Simmental, appreciated worldwide for his good balance for his milk-meat productive functions.


From the 90's the Center have welcomed the horses in his reproductive industry, with their own laboratory and with more than 50 stables for the keep of broodmares and foals.


The Stallion Center does not only work with reproduction and sell of seminal material, but also offer many reproduction services provided to breeders.


The range of services offered is wide, and includes the production third parties of seminal material, insemination of mares, artificial insemination, assisted pregnancy,  attendance at birth, preservation and enhancement of foals.


The Stallion Center is also exclusive seller of seminal material coming from the biggest North-European industries, located in Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Germany and France


The laboratories of our Center are characterized by the attention for every single sample taken, and by accuracy of the analysis of the seminal material using the system CASA (Computer Assisted Sperm Analizer) that guarantee a qualitative high standard of every single dose in the market.


Nowadays the Center of Bulls and Stallions of Moruzzo is in a national high level position regarding results of qualitative analysis of seminal material done by the Italian Sperimental Institute of Lazzaro Spallanzani.


Last but not least, our Center respect a several health protocol that contributes to guarantee high qualitative standards to the breeders.

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