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Technical Insights

The reason why breeders choose Pezzata Rossa Italiana


With more then 40 milions of bulls, the Simmental, which is part of Pezzata Rossa Italiana, is one of the most popular in the world. The reasons of the interest increasing between the breeders are the high level of milk production, with quality of content for home-made milk-cheese purpouse, but alsofor the industry of meat with reall low level of consanguinity, less then 2%.


Strenghts appreciated by breeders

  • Good production of milk with good titles, proteins in particular, and a high home-made yield suitable for cheese-milk production. 
  • High percent of Genotype B of K-caseine and of Beta-lactoglobulin, and high value of A2A2 Beta caseine value.

  • High resistance to disease, in particular to mastitis.

  • High fertility  (1 calf every 12-13 month).

  • Longevity (50% of Pezzate Rosse has three or more birth)

  • Additional income of meat production of high quality

As well as ...

  • Low consanguinety (under 2%). Pezzata Rosa has low incidence of genetic disease.
  • Normal deliveries and almost none abomasopexy dislocation.
  • Docility. Can bring 2 or 3 calf to weaning
  • Suitable to milking robots.
  • Less eating costs.
  • Efficient in the using of pastures and fodders.
  • Ideal for producers of organic farming.
  • Breed at low environmental impact: 15 Pezzate Rosse produces the same quantity of milk and meat than 18 specialized cows (9 of milk and 9 of meat) reducing the 17% emissions into the atmosphere.
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